Best golf courses in Missouri

Bellerive Country Club

Bellerive Country Club hosted prominent tournaments including the 1965 U.S. Open and 1992 PGA Championship. These competitions have emphasized the club’s remarkable layout and helped make it one of Missouri’s top golf courses.

Bellerive is known for its flawless design. Robert Foulis designed the course, but Perry Maxwell and Rees Jones redesigned it. This collective effort created a layout that challenges all skill levels while being fair.

The 7,547-yard championship course has tree-lined fairways and strategically positioned bunkers that require precision and strategy. The undulating landscape makes players’ shot-making harder and provides a lovely background. Player and spectator immersion is enhanced by Bellerive’s lush foliage and well-kept terrain.

Bellerive is famous for hosting major tournaments, including the 1992 PGA Championship, when Nick Price won. Such tournaments have established the club as a top golf destination, drawing players from around the country to its demanding but rewarding course.

The club strives for quality beyond course design. Modern amenities include a practice range and putting greens at Bellerive. Players may practice and warm up before the difficult course with these conveniences. The care taken to maintain these facilities shows Bellerive’s commitment to quality golf.

Bellerive Country Club oozes exclusivity and grandeur off the course. Beautifully designed, the clubhouse is a social and relaxing hub. Golfers may relax after a tough game with its classic architecture and luxury amenities. The club’s hospitality makes every guest and member feel welcome and respected.

Bellerive is one of Missouri’s top golf courses due to its history, amenities, and continual improvement. Course maintenance and modifications are ongoing at the club to match changing golfing standards. Bellerive is respected by players and golfing authorities for his excellence.

Bellerive has a significant influence on the community in addition to its awards. The club uses its power to help others through philanthropic and community outreach projects. Bellerive attracts golfers who value a course with a purpose beyond the fairways due to its social responsibilities.

Old Hickory Golf Club

Golfers seeking a unique experience on the green have flocked to Old Hickory Golf Club in St. Peters. The 7,092-yard course challenges and rewards players of all skill levels. Old Hickory, known for its beautiful fairways and greens, blends into the Missouri scenery.

Old Hickory is one of Missouri’s top golf courses due to its thorough course upkeep. Golfers enter the course to find beautiful fairways amid Missouri’s tall trees. The course is meticulously maintained, allowing golfers to focus on their game without distractions.

Old Hickory goes beyond the course to provide golfers a great experience. The clubhouse welcomes golfers and provides a variety of facilities to improve the experience. Old Hickory Golf Club goes above and above to serve its customers, from the pro shop with top-of-the-line equipment to the relaxing lounge spaces.

The strategic course design distinguishes Old Hickory. Players must demonstrate their talents and strategy on each hole. Each hole was designed by the course designers to be challenging but playable, challenging and rewarding golfers. Old Hickory’s intelligent design makes it one of Missouri’s top golf courses.

Signature holes at Old Hickory demonstrate the course’s excellence. The 8th hole, a dogleg left par-4, requires accuracy off the tee and strategy on the green. The 15th hole, a water-surrounded par-3, shows the course’s natural beauty while challenging even the best players. These notable holes make Old Hickory attractive and rewarding for those who face it.

Its dedication to community building strengthens Old Hickory Golf Club’s status as one of Missouri’s greatest golf courses. The club provides tournaments, activities, and leagues so golfers may socialize and share their enthusiasm. Camaraderie makes Old Hickory more than simply a golf course; it’s a community hub.

Boone Valley Golf Club

Boone Valley Golf Club in Augusta, Missouri, just outside St. Louis, contains an 18-hole championship course that is a golfing icon. The Tom Fazio-designed course blends into the local scenery with rolling hills, abundant foliage, and well-kept fairways. Boone Valley attracts golfers and environment lovers due to its stunning scenery.

The meticulous architecture of Boone Valley sets it apart from Missouri’s many golf courses. Boone Valley, designed by Fazio, contains intentional bunkering, undulating greens, and water hazards to challenge even the most experienced golfers. The hard but fair course layout lets players of all skill levels enjoy the game and progress.

The course is expertly maintained to preserve its natural surroundings. Bunkers are clean, fairways lush, and greens smooth. This dedication to course care keeps Boone Valley in excellent shape, making it a fun and challenging course to play.

Boone Valley Golf Club is an experience, not just a course. Members and guests can enjoy a variety of club features. After a game, players may rest and mingle in the clubhouse, a breathtaking architectural marvel. Top-notch equipment and gear available at the pro store to prepare players for their game. Attention to detail and knowledge from the experienced team enhance the visitor experience.

Boone Valley has a strong community spirit. Events, competitions, and social gatherings throughout the year create club solidarity. Boone Valley welcomes individuals and families for competitive golf or informal social events.

Boone Valley frequently tops Missouri’s golf course rankings. Golfers from adjacent states visit because of its reputation. Boone Valley stands out for its magnificent natural location, hard course design, and dedication to excellence in all facet of golf.

Boone Valley has also hosted top tournaments and events, establishing its reputation as a top golf course. Golfing authorities and lovers have praised this facility, demonstrating its quality. It is more than a golf course—it is a destination for great golfing.

Dalhousie Golf Club

Dalhousie Golf Club in Cape Girardeau is known for its hard yet fun course. The 7,389-yard course, designed by Jack Nicklaus’ son Gary, has 18 intricate holes. Golfers will find the layout demanding but rewarding as it blends into the natural landscape.

Dalhousie is known for its outstanding course conditions. The course is attractive and playable because to its lush fairways, groomed greens, and strategically placed hazards. Golfers of all levels appreciate Dalhousie’s meticulousness, which makes it one of Missouri’s top courses.

Beyond its spectacular features, Dalhousie Golf Club offers several facilities that enhance the golfing experience. Classic architecture gives the clubhouse a warm feel. After a game, golfers may relax at the clubhouse with exquisite cuisine, mingling, and course views.

Excellence extends to Dalhousie’s practice facilities. Golfers may practise on the well-kept driving range and putting greens before the tough course. This focus on player development distinguishes Dalhousie from other Missouri golf courses, making it perfect for improving players.

Golf competitions and events boost Dalhousie Golf Club’s status. These competitions draw golfers from around the state and beyond, boosting the club’s status as a top course. The events highlight the course’s beauty and challenges and boost Missouri’s golfing community.

Another reason Dalhousie is one of Missouri’s top golf courses is its emphasis on community. Golf aficionados gather at club social gatherings, member competitions, and other events. Players of all levels—from beginners to pros—feel welcome in our community.

Southeast Missouri’s natural splendor surrounds Dalhousie Golf Club’s playing facilities. The Ozark Mountains frame the course, giving a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that complements golfing. Dalhousie is one of Missouri’s greatest golf courses due to its tough course, excellent amenities, and stunning landscape.

Buffalo Ridge Golf Course

Buffalo Ridge Golf Course near Hollister, south of Branson, is a Tom Fazio masterpiece. Every shape of the course shows Fazio’s hand, blending with the Ozark Mountains’ harsh topography. The result is a hard but beautiful 18-hole course that routinely ranks among the state’s best.

Buffalo Ridge is distinguished by its environmental preservation. The course blends into the Ozark terrain, with its lakes, hills, and wildlife. Golfers experience a visual symphony that elevates the game to an art form as they negotiate the painstakingly designed fairways and greens.

Each hole is distinct and strategic on the course. Buffalo Ridge requires accuracy from all players, from the high tees overlooking the wide fairways to the groomed greens surrounded by native grasses. The uneven landscape complicates shot choices and game expertise.

Beautiful and tough, the par-3 5th, “The Creek,” is the course’s trademark hole. A stream shot to a well-guarded green with the Ozark Mountains as a backdrop challenges golfers. Moments like these make Buffalo Ridge one of Missouri’s top golf courses.

Buffalo Ridge Golf Course’s facilities boost its reputation beyond its difficult course. The clubhouse has a top-notch pro store with the newest golf gear and a delicious restaurant. The warmth of the staff makes every game of golf a comprehensive and gratifying experience.

Buffalo Ridge’s environmental dedication enhances its appeal. Environmental activities include water conservation and wildlife habitat protection on the course. The outcome is a world-class golf course that protects the environment.

Buffalo Ridge’s reputation goes beyond golf. It has continuously been ranked among Missouri’s greatest golf courses by top publications and organizations. The course’s national and regional rankings demonstrate its longevity and high-quality design and upkeep.

Buffalo Ridge attracts golfers for its difficult courses and closeness to Branson. Branson’s entertainment is ideal for a day on the golf. Play Buffalo Ridge and then visit the city’s theaters, restaurants, and activities for a wonderful golf vacation.

The Club at Porto Cima

The Club at Porto Cima is one of Missouri’s best golf courses for various reasons. Its design by Jack Nicklaus stands out first. The great golfer and course designer created a masterpiece that challenges pros and entertains beginners.

The Club at Porto Cima’s magnificent setting is a highlight. The Lake of the Ozarks course’s groomed fairways and greens are set against stunning vistas. The demanding course layout and scenic beauty create an exhilarating and calm ambiance, making it a must-see for golfers.

Every blade of grass at Porto Cima shows course upkeep precision. Immaculate fairways wind over undulating hills, carefully designed bunkers, and water hazards, adding excitement to each play. The well-kept greens are fun to putt on and demonstrate the course management’s dedication to golf.

Besides its appearance, The Club at Porto Cima is known for its excellent service. The hospitality at the club matches the premium golfing experience from arrival to 18th hole putt. Porto Cima is one of Missouri’s top golf courses due to the staff’s attention to detail and enthusiasm for the sport.

Porto Cima has hosted several important golf events, establishing its standing as a top golfing destination. Top-tier competitions attract seasoned players looking for a demanding course and give the club prominence. The Club at Porto Cima’s tournament history shows it can handle professional golf, making it a popular location for players and fans.

Community participation and outreach boost the Club at Porto Cima’s Missouri golfing reputation. Junior golf clinics, charity tournaments, and other activities build community and promote golf at the grassroots level. They boost the club’s image as a golfing sanctuary and community asset.

The Club at Porto Cima stands apart in Missouri golfing. Its hard yet fun course, stunning landscape, and excellent service make it a state golfing icon. Golfers and industry professionals have named Porto Cima one of Missouri’s top golf courses.

The Quarry at Crystal Springs

Missouri has several golf courses, but The Quarry at Crystal Springs in Maryland Heights, outside St. Louis, is a jewel. The course, designed by renowned golf course architect Keith Foster, has 18 carefully created holes that challenge and reward players of all ability levels.

The Quarry at Crystal Springs’ environmental preservation sets it distinct. Being built around an ancient limestone quarry, the course has a unique terrain that enhances golfing. The steep terrain, significant elevation changes, and strategically placed hazards make the course dynamic and rewarding for golfers who use precision and strategy.

The course uses quarry walls, water features, and wide fairways to create a beautiful and challenging golfing experience. The course’s design lets players enjoy a round of golf and appreciate the scenery, making every visit special.

The meticulous course upkeep at The Quarry in Crystal Springs is notable. The fairways are well-kept, the greens quick and true, and the bunkers strategically positioned to create difficulty. This dedication to course conditions makes it one of Missouri’s greatest golf courses.

Course design is smart and appreciated by all golfers. The Quarry at Crystal Springs provides a balanced golfing experience, from tricky par-3s that require precision iron play to long drives and smart decision-making on sweeping par-5s. Each round is a unique adventure with the diversity of holes, keeping players interested and ready to return.

Beyond its great course, The Quarry at Crystal Springs has great facilities that make it one of Missouri’s greatest golf courses. After a difficult round, golfers may rest in the clubhouse with its panoramic course views. The pro store has the latest gear, and the skilled staff is always ready to help players improve.

The Quarry at Crystal Springs also promotes community. Regular tournaments, events, and leagues allow golfers to bond and share their enthusiasm. The Quarry at Crystal Springs is more than simply a golf course—this friendship makes it a communal hub for golfers.

The Quarry at Crystal Springs is a top choice for golfers seeking difficult play, natural beauty, and great facilities in a state with many golf courses. Its design and maintenance teams’ dedication to offering an unmatched golfing experience has earned it a spot among Missouri’s top golf courses.

St. Albans Golf Club

Not only are St. Albans Golf Club’s fairways and greens well-kept, but the course blends into Missouri’s natural beauty. The rolling landscape, old trees, and carefully placed water hazards make golf tough and beautiful. St. Albans’ undulating hills and deep woodlands make each round peaceful and immersive, adding to the game’s enjoyment.

St. Albans’ course upkeep makes it one of Missouri’s greatest golf courses. The course is meticulously maintained, ensuring perfect conditions from tee to green. The well-kept fairways allow for precision strokes, while the genuine greens test golfers’ putting ability. St. Albans’ constancy attracts players seeking top-notch conditions due to its meticulous care.

St. Albans Golf Club’s championship-caliber course requires strategic thought and precision from players of all ability levels, in addition to its stunning aesthetics and thorough upkeep. The well-known golf course architect Tom Fazio designed the course to blend with the natural landscape, challenging golfers at every turn. From risk-reward par-5s to carefully placed bunkers and water hazards, St. Albans makes each hole special.

Missouri golfers consider St. Albans a top location for a hard yet fun game. Modern facilities and amenities demonstrate the course’s dedication to world-class golf. St. Albans Golf Club has a comprehensive pro store with top-notch equipment, gear, and instruction to improve your game. The clubhouse provides a relaxing post-round ambiance with a variety of culinary options, confirming St. Albans’ standing as a full golfing destination.

St. Albans attracts regional and national events beyond local players. Sponsoring renowned competitions shows the course’s reputation in the golfing community and Missouri’s ability to offer a demanding and world-class experience. As Missouri’s greatest golf courses hold competitive tournaments, St. Albans’ inclusion shows its status as a top golf destination.

St. Albans Golf Club also uses technology to improve golfing. Advanced golf cart GPS systems give accurate yardages and course information to help players make judgments. This technology blends with the course’s beauty, keeping St. Albans in the forefront of Missouri golfing innovation.

Ozarks National Golf Course

Branson is a short drive from Ozarks National Golf Course in Hollister, Missouri. The Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw-designed course winds across the Ozarks’ rolling topography, offering breathtaking views at every turn. The design’s perfect integration with the natural topography shows the designers’ dedication to conserving the region’s beauty while delivering a demanding yet fun golfing experience.

Ozarks National’s playability and strategic design set it apart from other Missouri golf courses. The 18 well-kept holes go through lush forests, rocky cliffs, and lovely lakes. Each hole challenges golfers’ talents and decision-making. The undulating fairways and strategically placed bunkers require precision and shot selection from tee to green.

Environmental sustainability helps Ozarks National rank among Missouri’s greatest golf courses. The training focus on preserving the natural environment with little harm to local flora and wildlife. This environmental protection increases the course’s attractiveness and emphasizes responsible care of the Ozark Mountains’ sensitive ecology.

Ozarks National is known for its spectacular greens. Because of their uniformity and smoothness, these greens challenge golfers’ putting ability. Every putt takes accuracy and touch due to the subtle undulations and difficult pin locations. Golfers see the Ozark Mountains as they travel the course, giving a sensory-rich experience beyond golf.

Ozarks National Golf Course’s world-class amenities complement its natural beauty and careful design, making it one of Missouri’s top golf courses. The rustic clubhouse welcomes players to unwind after a round. The pro shop sells high-quality golf gear for beginners and pros.

Practice facilities are well maintained, giving players plenty of chances to improve. For all skill levels, the driving range, putting greens, and practice bunkers provide thorough instruction. For beginners learning to swing or pros refining their game, Ozarks National is the perfect place.

Tournaments and events are also popular at Ozarks National Golf Course. Its championship course and gorgeous environment draw regional golfers. The course’s dedication to course maintenance and event management has made it a top destination for golfers and pros.

As Ozarks National’s fame increases, golfers from Missouri and beyond are traveling to experience its charm. Ozarks National Golf Course is the state’s best golf course due to its natural beauty, strategic design, environmental care, and top-notch facilities.

Thousand Hills Golf Resort

Missouri’s golf courses are many. Thousand Hills is notable for various reasons. The resort’s masterpiece is an 18-hole championship golf course that challenges golfers of all ability levels among the Ozarks’ natural splendor.

Robert E. Cupp, a golf course architectural pioneer, blended the game’s obstacles with the gorgeous scenery. Thousand Hills’ holes are distinctive, with strategically placed bunkers and undulating fairways that require accuracy and planning. The well-kept greens and fairways winding through the Ozarks make golfing unique.

Thousand Hills’ dedication to course conditions is a hallmark. The groundskeepers’ excellent attention is evident in the lush fairways. The bunkers are carefully placed to challenge players’ abilities and decision-making. Even the best players are challenged by the course’s strategic design.

Beyond the course, Thousand Hills Golf Resort has several facilities that make it one of Missouri’s top golf destinations. Golfers may practise at the resort’s top-notch facilities before playing. Golfers aiming to improve or beginners can use the driving range, putting greens, and expert tuition.

Thousand Hills knows that golf is about the experience as much as the game. The resort’s clubhouse mirrors this concept, inviting players to unwind. Players get access to the newest golf gear and accessories at the pro store, which helps them improve. Golfers may dine at the clubhouse restaurant while reminiscing about their round.

Beyond the course and clubhouse, the resort offers excellent accommodations. Thousand Hills has everything from small cottages to magnificent condominiums for golfers to relax in after a round. The lodgings’ closeness to the course lets guests smoothly incorporate golf into their stay, delivering a comprehensive and delightful experience.

Thousand Hills Golf Resort welcomes golfers of all ages and abilities. The resort’s golf packages for families, couples, and solitary tourists demonstrate its inclusiveness. Thousand Hills provides something for everyone, from beginners to pros looking for a demanding course.

Thousand Hills Golf Resort’s awards reinforce its status as Missouri’s top golf course. The course has been praised by Golf Digest for its design, conditioning, and experience. Such awards demonstrate the resort’s staff’s devotion and vision, establishing its standing as a top golf destination.

Tournaments and activities at Thousand Hills draw golfers from around the region. The resort’s ability to balance competitiveness and companionship makes it appealing to both serious players and leisure golfers.

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